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	The sa-blacklist.current file in this directory is a blacklist
of spammers in a form suitable for use in the spamassassin mail filter
program ( ).

	Many thanks to a growing number of contributors; please see the
blacklist file for their names.  Thanks to all for their contributions!

	Please send additions or corrections to me, William Stearns
<> .  Please read the README.policy file first.

	Here's the new way of installing the blacklist.  Pick a non-root
user under which this will be done; substitute that user's login name
for non-root-user in the following.  Do this once as root:

touch /etc/mail/spamassassin/
chown non-root-user /etc/mail/spamassassin/

	, make sure that /etc/sudoers has a line for the above user:

non-root-user        ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/spamassassin restart

	, and place all on one line in non-root-user's crontab

17 1,7,13,19 * * * sleep $[ $RANDOM / 1024 ] ; rsync -aqL
/home/non-root-user/ && cat /home/non-root-user/
>/etc/mail/spamassassin/ && /usr/bin/sudo
/etc/init.d/spamassassin restart >/dev/null 2>/dev/null

	Then get cron to reread the config file by doing this as root:

touch /var/spool/cron

	I'm also providing a list of the domains in sa-blacklist as the
file "".  Squid will gladly use that as a
list of blocked domains; perfect for email clients that will go out to
fetch images stored on spammer web servers.  Set up a regular download
like the above and add these two lines to /etc/squid/squid.conf:

acl spammers url_regex "/etc/squid/"
http_access deny all spammers

	There's also a version of this file that looks for these
domains inside URL's in the message.


Finding Spammers

I regularly get email from people who are looking for spammers. They've lost money and want to get it back, or they want to find out if a given company is reputable. Let me cover a few things:


Once you have the blackist installed, here's how to test whether it's working or not. Start up the "telnet" program (included in Windows and all Unix flavors) with the command:

telnet {your_mail_server} 25

Your mail server will send back a banner something like:

220 - Welcome to our Sendmail ESMTP

and it will sit waiting for you. Now we'll feed it the first few lines of an SMTP exchange (you type the lines starting with capitals):

250 ok
RCPT TO: {a_valid_email_address@your.domain}
553 sorry, your envelope sender is in my badmailfrom list (#5.7.1)
221 - Goodbye

In this case, we tried to send mail from an account at a known spammer; We then told the mail server where the mail needs to go. The mail server then told us that it can't accept mail from because we'd correctly installed the qmail block list.

If, however, you have the blacklist installed in your spam filtering program, instead of giving you a 553 error, the mail server will likely allow you to continue feeding in the message with a prompt like:

250 {a_velid_email_address@your.domain}... Recipient ok

Now you give it the actual message content. The blank line and the line with nothing but a "." are both needed verbatim:

354 Enter mail, end with "." on a line by itself
Subject: Test mail for blacklist

This is a test message
<a href=""></a>
250 2.0.0 i3L3v5c23955 Message accepted for delivery
221 closing connection

The mailserver gives the 354, 250, and 221 lines, you type the rest.

Now go back to your mail software and take a look at the spam score assigned by your spam filter. Look at the list of reasons why it's marked as spam; does it mention the sa-blacklist? Does it say the domain was found on the RBL at If so, the spam filter is successfully using the blacklist.


How to install into your programs

The sa-blacklist files hold lists of spammer domains, in a form suitable for blocking access to those domains. Each one has a datestamp so you can locate a specific version and identify newer and older releases, but you should only need to use the versions with "current" in the name, which always points to the latest release.

Find the program you're using below to decide which one to use.

Exim mail server

Just thought I'd drop you a quick note on how to add your SA black list to Exim. To start with, the Squid list ( ) looks OK to use with Exim. Then, in exim.conf the following is added (near any other deny sections):

deny message = $sender_host_address Blocked by
	hosts = partial()lsearch;/path/to/
I'd like to sincerely thank Daniel Bird for contributing the above instructions.
Postfix mail server

Postfix is chocked full of features to help stem the tide of UCE, if you are already using some of them, you should consider the below recipe a guide and not so much a drop in solution. Take a look at the Postfix UCE docs, available here, (consider using a mirror):

...but for those of us who aren't using any of these conf declarations and would like to drop in Bill's blacklist, the following should suffice, we are going to be filtering based on the envelope sender.

  1. Copy the blacklist sa-blacklist.current.reject to a sensible spot, /etc/postfix/sender_restrictions seams reasonable.
  2. Update, adding the line:
    smtpd_sender_restrictions = check_sender_access hash:/etc/postfix/sender_restrictions
  3. Create the access table hash:
    postmap /etc/postfix/sender_restrictions
  4. Have the master daemon reread
    postfix reload

You are now rejecting envelope senders from the blacklisted domains, they will be rejected with a 554 error. If you would like to test this without actually rejecting mails, you can add `warn_if_reject, ' before the `check_sender_access' token, messages that would be rejected will be logged with a `reject_warning'.

I would like to sincerely thank Jereme Corrado for doing the postfix research and testing, and for contributing the above instructions.
Privoxy http proxy

The Privoxy privacy proxy (based on the Internet Junkbuster) filters outbound http and https requests and inbound replies, allowing you to block access to undesirable sites, block popups, block tracking gifs, etc. To install, place sa-blacklist.current.action in /etc/privoxy/ (your path may differ, based on operating system) and edit the "config" file there (note, this was previously called sa-blacklist.current.actions). Add the:

actionsfile sa-blacklist.current	#spamassassin domain blacklist
line so the file looks like:
actionsfile standard  # Internal purpose, recommended
actionsfile sa-blacklist.current	#spamassassin domain blacklist
actionsfile default   # Main actions file
actionsfile user      # User customizations

Restart Privoxy.

Qmail mail server

Qmail has the ability to unconditionally block mail from spammers based on the envelope sender (which may not be the same as the "From:" field in the header, don't be surprised if this approach misses some emails that you think it should catch). In other words, if the spammers don't lie about their sending domain, qmail may be able to block them before the mail message is even transmitted. This cuts down on things like bounces, and hopefully spam!

To install, locate qmail's "control" directory. Download the file, and append it to the "badmailfrom" file there. Restart qmail.

Spamassassin email spam filter and are the two files formatted for spamassassin. The first looks at the sender domain, but spammers more and more lie about the source so this won't catch everything. The second looks at each url in the message, and is more likely to catch the web sites to which spammers want you to go. These take a lot of processing for each message, so you'll want to give them a try on a sample account first.

As a side note, I also have as a list of tags spammers sometimes forget to convert in spam, also in spamassassin format.

All three files increase the spam score for the message, making it more likely that the spam will get caught.

To install, download the above three files and place them in /etc/mail/spamassassin/ , making sure they each end in ".cf" (spamassassin treats all files ending in .cf as configuration files and loads them all). Restart spamassassin.

A second approach, currently under test, is to publish the sa-blacklist domains as a dns-based RBL. This replaces the use of the file above, but performs the same checks with lower load.

For more information on this approach, installation instructions, and details on using both a dns-rbl-based sa-blacklist and a dns-rbl-based Spamcop database, please see .

Squid web cache

Squid can unconditionally block all outbound requests to certain domains. Privoxy is preferred for this, as privoxy will replace images with images, and squid will put in a dummy html page instead (which just means your pages will have broken images, no big deal). Other than that it will work just fine.

Download to /etc/squid/ (again, path may vary). Edit squid.conf , adding the line:

acl spammers url_regex "/etc/squid/"
in with the other acl lines (order for acl lines doesn't matter), and adding
http_access deny all spammers
above your http_access lines (order does matter here). Restart squid.

Sendmail mail server

Like qmail, sendmail can also inspect the envelope sender address and block based on the domain. Go to the /etc/mail directory, append sa-blacklist.current.sendmail-access to /etc/mail/access, run

make access.db
and restart sendmail.
Bill, what about....?

If you have a spam filtering tool, mail transport agent, http proxy, or any other program that you want to filter spammer domains, no problem. I can provide the list in any format you need. Simply send me the format to use and I'll add it to my build script.


	This is a list of domains, hosts, and IP addresses used by
spammers.  This can include bulk email houses, individual companies that
send spam, and servers that are used to host images for spam.  Spam is
strictly defined as Unsolicited Bulk Email, and so I will include
unsolicited mail where the sender is not explicity asking for money,
such as political and religious spam.

	The domains and IP's can be the original ones listed in the
mail, but also include the intermediate redirectors and the final target
site.  If the company is attempting to hide behind a temporary domain
used for email campaign(s), the real company domain is included as well.

	The list does _not_ include hosting services where spammers and
non-spammers can sign up for accounts (geocities,, etc.) 
It also does not include counters, ad trackers (although this is
severely borderline), free email services (hotmail, msn, etc.), and
generic ISP's that host normal user accounts (earthlink, etc.).  It does
not include individual email addresses; this takes far too much work for
too little payback.

	In short, I want this list to be a list of domains, hosts, and
IP addresses used exclusively by companies that spam.

	The file is Copyright 2003 William Stearns <>
and other contributors (see the actual file for their contact
information).  It is made available under the GNU GPL.


Submitting new entries and corrections

Here are some guidelines for submission. Please note that these instructions will change in the future; we have an improved approach in the works.

Adding new domains

Please send new domains in an email to . The domains should be in all lowercase, free from host portions (www. , mx02. , spleen.arctic.mountbatten. , etc.), and have no port numbers at the end (:2700, :8080, etc.), have no directory or file names (/unsubscribe.ddd , /images/a2.jpg, etc.). Please send them in sorted order, and with no duplicates. Please check your list against ; try not to submit domains that are already in the list.

Before sending in domains, please check them. This is critical; submissions from automated scripts without human eyes in the process yield far too many false positives to be useful. Actually go to the web site; is there any content at all, or is it just a blank page? Is there any chance this is an ISP, and the spammer just signed up for cohosting space? Worse yet, did they just sign up for an individual user account? Take a look at the whois record; domains that have been around since 1998 are far less likely to be spammer domains than domains that were first registered in the last two months. In short, if there's any chance this domain is an ISP or an account on someone else's domain, please don't submit it. A list of 20 domains you're absolutely positive about is much more useful than 1000 domains you're 98% sure about.

Here's a sample submission message body:

Please include the word "blacklist" somewhere in the subject, so it skips by my spam filter, such as:

Subject: [blacklist] 20040423 entries from Bob Smith

If you want to include comments, that's fine, but please place them on separate lines, preferably before the domains start.

Please save at least 1 or 2 of the emails that prompted the domain submission; we may get a false positive report in the future, and whether the report is correct or not, it's helpful to be able to refer to the original email for additional background.

Removing domains

From time to time we'll make a mistake and add a legitimate domain in the list. Please accept our sincere apologies in advance; we know it's frustrating to get your mail blocked.

To get removed, send an email to , again, with the word "blacklist" somewhere in the subject (if you forget this, the message may land in Bill's spam folder, delaying your request by hours or days). Say which domain you're writing about. You're not required to justify the removal request, but if you send along some supporting evidence of why you should be removed, it'll make the process a little faster.

Your request will be looked into as quickly as possible; we want to resolve the mistake as much as you do; false positives hurt us all.


This project has had an immense amount of support. I want to thank all the contributors; the sa-backlist could never have covered as many domains as it had if it had stayed a one-man show.

I'd like to especially thank Panagiotis Christias of the National Technical University of Athens , Raymond Dijkxhoorn of, and Jens and Guido of Since the downloads of the sa-blacklist have crossed the terabyte/month mark, these generous organizations have offered to host the list. Without their generousity, I wouldn't be able to continue to provide the list.

Ironport and Barracuda Networks have also been very generous in donating a number of servers to help the entire project. We truly appreciate the donation.

intergenia AG Barracuda Networks
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